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SLEEKPost is a new way of connecting writers with content buyers. We help professional writers sell their web content to buyers through an online market.

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What’s the Story?

SLEEKPost is the online content marketplace that allows writers to post content, set their prices and sell directly to content buyers.

As a writer, you're used to getting underpaid for your work. Whether it's 3 cents per word, low hourly rates or not getting paid: you've been screwed before. SLEEKPost changes the equation by allowing writers to post unique written content for sale on the marketplace. When a content buyer purchases content from the marketplace, you get paid.

What's with the name?
SLEEKPost strives to make things simple, smooth and easy for writers and content buyers. When you join the SLEEKPost community, knowing what to write about, posting content, selling and getting paid is easy for writers. Finding great content, buying it and publishing it on their website is easy for content buyers. Everything is SLEEK.

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How it Works


Signup to get access to profile creation. Your profile lets you upload your work , get paid and access content research tools.

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Write and upload content to the site. Tag it, set your price and that’s it!

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When a content buyer purchases your content, you’ll get a notification and payment delivered to you ASAP.

How is SLEEKPost Different?

Understand why SLEEKPost isn't just another online job site.

Why is this better than an online job site?

SLEEKPost is better than an online job site for the following reasons.

  • No platform fees or signup costs.
  • Let your content do the talking. No preference given to number of hours worked, hourly rates, or reviews.
  • Post content on the site at your leisure, not on demand by a client.
  • Price your work as you see fit. No more price per word or hourly thresholds with endless revisions.
  • If your content doesn’t sell, you can adjust pricing, edit or remove it.

What is “web content” and why do people want it?

Web content for our purposes is text or writing that is created to be placed on a website and distributed on the Internet. Examples of web content would be a dentist’s service page about root canals, a blog post about cool things to do in Chicago and so on.

Who is buying my content?

Most content buyers have business blogs or websites and need reliable, well written content that they can post on their site. SLEEKPost makes this easy by providing a well written, well organized content marketplace that can sync to their website, removing hurdles to consistent blogging and content posting.

How do I post content?

When SLEEKPost launches, you’ll get a link to setup a profile on the site. After setting up your profile, you’ll be guided through the posting and payment process.

How do I get paid?

After a client purchases your content, payments will be sent to the payment account associated with your user profile.

How do I know my content will sell?

Plain and simple, you don’t. But there’s a strong market out there for well written web content. We will do everything we can to provide tools, research and trends to help you write great content.

How do you prevent theft of content?

Writers can only view their own content. Content buyers can view content and are unable to copy or paste the content prior to purchase. SLEEKPost is dedicated to protecting writers from theft and will enforce anti-piracy and copyright laws to the full extent of the law.

How does SLEEKPost make money?

SLEEKPost is able to support the platform by charging content buyers a fee to subscribe to the platform.